Traffic is back. Make sure to avoid distractions behind the wheel

Massachusetts is slowly and cautiously emerging from the pandemic-induced lockdown of our economy. And that is something to celebrate. 

But, as Adam Vaccaro wrote in the Boston Globe on June 14, “as the economy recovers, that same old problem is resurfacing — Boston traffic.” 

During the past two weeks, area motorists have discovered we once again have company on the roads. The Southeast Expressway is seeing renewed rush hour backups, and Friday afternoon Cape traffic has returned. While the clogged roads are far less jammed than during pre-COVID times, drivers need to up their game and stay focused in order to avoid crashes.

This means stepping away from the bad habits that crept in during the lockdown: speeding, weaving between lanes, and using the phone while behind the wheel.

Now is a great time to remind the public that Massachusetts now has a law that prohibits anyone operating a vehicle from talking on the phone unless they are using hands-free technology. This law took effect in February, just before the pandemic drove most of us from our cars for several months.

With traffic returning to our roads, it is vital that we keep ourselves and our loved ones safe by adhering to the hands-free law. There are fines and penalties being enforced for violations, but the best reason for not driving while distracted is that it will save lives. Please be safe out there. 

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  • Emily Stein
    published this page in Safe Roads Blog 2021-02-25 14:43:59 -0500