Be a Healthy Driver

  • No impairment from alcohol or drugs (which includes illicit and even some over-the-counter drugs). Buzzed driving is drunk driving. And remember, "If you feel different, you drive different"

  • Put the phone away and on silent. Hands-Free is still risk-free

  • Pay attention to sleep deprivation

  • Don’t tailgate - there is absolutely no benefit to tailgating, and it increases your risk of rear-end crashes

  • Keep calm

  • Back off from road rage: Learn to let go of anger and move on.

  • How do you deal with road rage?

    • It is essential to keep calm while driving, and dealing with road rage is no exception.

    • There are two main components when road rage is in-volved: you and the other driver.

    • By maintaining a courteous mindset, we can make our roads safer by remaining confident and controlled and ultimately, safe on the road.

    • Losing control of your emotions behind the wheel can mean losing control of your vehicle.

    • It is important to learn to ‘let go’ when another driver becomes angry or angers us. Avoiding eye contact is a good start.

    • Studies on aggressive driving: AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety website

    • Learn more about what to do if confronted with road rage, or if you want to prevent your own road rage: Western Slope Driving Institute and VeryWellMind 

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