April 1, 2015, 3:03 am

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Jeff Larason

With over 30 years in the communications and transportation industries, Jeff has become a leader in a grass roots effort to improve driver habits and roadway safety. In his position as President of Safe Roads Alliance, Jeff is 100% focused on accomplishing the organization's mission of "saving lives through promoting better driving." Jeff has been active in developing membership involvement and awareness and creating educational programs to benefit drivers of all ages.

Lisa Kennedy-Cox

Lisa Kennedy-Cox is a writer and Safe Driver Advocate. While working with Safe Roads' partner, In Control Family Foundation, Lisa had the opportunity to speak with parents and teens about the issues they faced as drivers and potential drivers. She joined Safe Roads Alliance in October of 2008.

Colleen Kelley Carr

Colleen Kelley Carr is a passionate Safe Driver Advocate. After losing her son, Brendan, to a car crash in 2003. She started her work speaking and advocating better education and awareness programs and initiatives for all drivers. Through her work with membership involvement, Colleen understands first-hand what drivers and parents of drivers face. She joined Safe Roads Alliance in 2006.

Jerry Cibley

Jerry Cibley is a Massachusetts native who has enjoyed a successful career as an Entrepreneur. He was the founder and CEO of Odyssey Solutions, Inc., a Nextel authorized dealership with eight locations.

In 2007, tragedy struck the Cibley family when Jerry’s eighteen year old son, Jordan was killed while driving and talking on his cell phone. Jerry immediately became a significant vocal presence helping to educate the public on the dangers of distracted driving. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and countless news stories have followed his journey.

Recently, Cibley appeared with Secretary of Transportation, Raymond LaHood at M.I.T. in Cambridge. Secretary LaHood has shared Jordan’s story at many of his speeches throughout the country.

Jerry is a dynamic public speaker who’s presentations on distracted driving have been described as moving, provocative, sad, funny, and impactful. Jerry has been working tirelessly to keep roads safer for all of our children. He played an active role in pushing for the recently enacted legislation to ban texting in Massachusetts.

Jerry lives in Foxboro, MA with his Wife, Dr. Jeri Katz, a Bridgewater State University Professor, and has a beautiful Daughter Brenna who works for a local pre-school.

Jerry’s self described moniker is that of a man on a mission to save lives.


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